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The ePCT system offers a wide range of services to applicants and third parties, all provided through a secure browser-based interface and available in all ten languages of publication. ePCT enables users with the relevant access rights to access the latest bibliographic data and documents on record at the International Bureau (IB) of WIPO, including before publication.

ePCT offers a set of functions such as:
  • Create and file new international applications with real-time validations.
  • Online payment of filing fees by credit card or current account at WIPO (RO/IB only).
  • Access confidential data and documents, including before publication (applications filed on or after January 1, 2009).
  • Establish ‘eHandshakes’ with your colleagues and associates in order to delegate and manage access rights to your international applications.
  • Create and share access rights to a multilingual Address Book.
  • Submit a wide range of online requests with real-time validations for ‘Actions’ such as changes under Rule 92bis, withdrawal of an application, Chapter II Demand, etc., including before publication.
  • Upload post-filing documents to the IB and other participating Offices (RO, ISA, IPEA) and in a variety of formats (although ePCT online file inspection is available only for international applications that were filed on or after January 1, 2009, documents may be uploaded for any application regardless of the international filing date).
  • Set up automated notifications for events that you would like to be notified about with respect to your international applications, e.g., time limit is approaching to withdraw international application to avoid publication.
  • Third parties can make certain observations on an international application during the international phase if they believe that the claimed invention is either not new (lacks novelty) or is obvious (lacks inventive step).

For more details about the available features, please refer to the ePCT HELP page, which contains a comprehensive set of FAQs.