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The ePCT system offers a wide range of services to IP Offices, all provided through a secure browser-based interface and available in all ten languages of publication. ePCT enables IP Offices to access the latest bibliographic data and any other relevant documents held by the International Bureau (IB) of WIPO.

ePCT for IP Offices offers a set of functions such as:
  • Enabling receiving Offices (ROs) to record international applications filed on paper and accepting any post-filing documents before transmitting them together with the record copy to the IB.
  • Transmittal of priority documents and notices of withdrawals of international applications and/or priority claims to the IB.
  • Communications between the different IP Offices as well as between IP Offices and applicants.
  • Enabling International Searching Authorities (ISAs) to prepare International Search Reports (ISRs), Written Opinions (WOSAs) and other PCT forms.